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What are my filing requirements?



To determine if you are required to file a Federal Tax Return with the IRS, please visit this link.


Self Employed Individuals may find this information helpful.

The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) is a service provided by the US Department of Treasury. Individuals and Businesses can use this link to enroll and pay most (Federal) tax due to the IRS.


Federal Filing Requirements





Washington State Filing Requirements


Annual Corporation, Partnership and LLC License renewal 

Quarterly Employment Security Tax Report

Quarterly Labor & Industries Employer’s Report for Industrial Insurance

Combined Excise Tax Returns *


* Please note that Washignton State excise taxes are collected either annually, quarterly or monthly based on determination by the State. Contact the Washington State Department of Revenue for your company's determination.

County & City (or locality) Filing Requirements


Each county and city in Washington State has its own licensing and tax reporting & filing requirements for businesses. To ensure that you are compliant, please check with your local county and city agencies.


King County

Businesses operating in King County come under the jurisdiction of State, County, and, where applicable, City regulations. The location of the business, as well as the nature and scope of the business, determines what types of business licenses are required.



The City of Seattle (and many other cities) requires businesses to file the following:

  • Business License Renewal - Annual

  • License Renewal for Contractors - Annual

  • Business License Tax or Business & Occupation (B&O) Tax - Annual or Quarterly *


Click here for a list of cities in Washington State with local B&O tax. Also please note that local licensing and taxation requirements are subject to change. Check with your local jurisdiction to determine if this tax is required.

If BDA is filing your City B&O Taxes please click here for more information.

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